News26. 8. 2021

CESNET’s CzechLight equipment in the Swiss research network

he CzechLight optical devices, which are being developed as part of the research and development activities of the CESNET association, have been deployed in the SWITCH network, providing Internet infrastructure for the scientific community in Switzerland. The devices have helped to implement bidirectional transmission of ultra-stable optical frequencies over 456 kilometres of fibre routes between Bern, Basel and Zurich. More infoc you can find here.

News19. 7. 2021

The first inter-city quantum key distribution in the Czech Republic

The e-INFRA CZ consortium has implemented quantum key distribution, which has reached primacy in many ways. Communication secured by encryption through quantum key distribution (QKD) represents a new shift in the field of communication security and addresses the risks associated with the advent of quantum computers, which brings with it the real danger of existing encryption methods being cracked more easily. More at Press releases.


CESNET e-infrastructure conference 20th – 22th April 2022, On-line