News19. 2. 2019

Prague 1848 → 1918 exhibition offers unique 3D models

The exhibition includes a web line named The Objects of Praguers around 1900. This is a presentation of the museum’s collection items in the form of 3D models created by CESNET experts. It allows exhibition visitors to see detailed 3D models.

You can view the 3D models from the Prague 1848 → 1918 exhibition at or
Read more detail in our press release.

News18. 2. 2019

Aleš Padrta speaking in the Czech Radio

Our colleague spoke in the Czech Radio

Our colleague Aleš Padrta spoke in the Czech Radio Plzeň again. He took part in the Poradíme vám (We’ll advise you) show. The interesting interview containing answers to many question from listeners regarding the Internet threats can be listened (in Czech) from the radio web archive.

News8. 1. 2019

CESNET evaluated as an excellent research organization

The CESNET Association achieved the highest possible “A” score in the evaluation of research organizations within the competence of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports with the exception of universities. The evaluation states an indisputable innovation potential, excellent results of applied research and as well the important social relevance of CESNET as an organization that provides the research community in the Czech Republic with the e-infrastructure services necessary to conduct research, development and innovation on an internationally competitive level. Read more detail in our press release.


Conference of e-infrastructure CESNET 29.–30. January 2019, Prague

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