News7. 2. 2020

New AI cluster available to scientists

A new computer cluster has been made available to scientists, researchers, and university students in the Czech Republic. It was built by the CESNET Association and named ADAN. The ADAN cluster boasts exceptional computational power, significantly enhancing the existing CESNET portfolio of high-performance computers. More inforamtion in press relase.

News16. 12. 2019

PF 2020

Merry Christmas and happy New Year 2020.
Full video you can find here.

News3. 10. 2019

The Catch Hacking challenge

The Catch Hacking Challenge will start on October 7th at 14 o’clock. The plot of this year’s game is inspired by the Berserker book series. Defeat rebellious artificial intelligence and win valuable prizes. More at .

Through the organization of the competition, we endorse the ideas of the Cyber Security Month, thus contributing to building a more secure Internet environment and cyberspace.

News10. 9. 2019

2018 Annual Report

We published an annual report which provides summary of the development and the most notable achievements of our association in 2018. The report is available in two language versions: English and Czech

News6. 9. 2019

10th CEF Networks workshop

On the 3rd and 4th of September, 2019 in Prague, 46 representatives from research networking institutions from nearly all continents met to discuss their experience in designing, promoting and operating innovative and progressive Customer Empowered Fibre (CEF) Networks, and they managed to formulate major guidelines for further research and experimental development in networking.
The host of the meeting was the CESNET association and presentations selected by CESNET covered many interesting new developments in research networks worldwide. The presentations were focused on building, upgrading and increasing of both, fibre base and especially their lighting. The aspect of flexibility, efficiency and especially sustainability has been found as very important. Some networks are using partially disaggregated lighting, many use lighting by multiple transmission systems.

News2. 8. 2019

MetaCentrum Cloud is published in EOSC Marketplace

MetaCentrum Cloud is published in EOSC Marketplace. Service provides an infrastructure as a-service for scientific users, working in international projects supported by e-INFRA CZ. It provides an easy-to-use admin web interface and a programmable API for managing virtual machines, networks, and storage. Service is provided by CESNET and CERIT-SC, internally based on OpenStack, it supports advanced usage patterns including support of complex virtual networks, object storage and access to GP-GPU.


CSNOG 2019 28th – 29th May 2019, Brno

IPv6 workshop 6th June 2019, Prague

10th CEF Networks Workshop 2019 3rd to 4th September 2019, Prague

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