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CESNET awarded in the Best cooperation of the year competition

3. 5. 2016

The project called the Distributed System for Complex Monitoring of High-Speed Networks finished second in the Best Cooperation of the Year competition. The competition was organised by the Association for Foreign Investment and the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic. Jan Kořenek, CESNET researcher and department manager, and Petr Kaštovský, Netcope Technologies technical director, received the award. Our press release provides additional information.

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Our contribution to the Cannes Film Festival

22. 4. 2016

We participate in a project for the digital restoration of Czech film heritage. Jindřich Polák’s 1963 film Ikarie XB 1 restored in this project is the first Czech film to be chosen for the Cannes Classics programme—a part of this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Our press release provides additional information.

Connection to Austria and Slovakia upgraded

22. 4. 2016

Triangle of cross-border dark fibres interconnecting the CESNET2, ACOnet (Austria) and SANET (Slovakia) networks has been equipped by new optical and Ethernet devices. It resulted in a global potential throughput of up to 1.6 Tbps and TRILL support enabling efficient routing and load balancing. Read more in our press release.

We connect musicians around the world

8. 4. 2016

Tools developed by CESNET and CESNET infrastructure enabled musicians to perform together when separated by a distance of up to 8000 km. One performance was a part of the Network Performing Arts Production workshop in Miami, the other one happened in CENIC 2016 conference in California. Details are available in our press release.

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