News6. 9. 2023

New era of Czech science: The EOSC initiative is entering a hot phase in the Czech Republic

The international EOSC (European Open Science Cloud) initiative is expanding to the Czech Republic. It will connect existing scientific communities and create a system for storing and sharing data. Moreover, it will facilitate the research data access for scientists and scientific organizations. The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic has just approved funding for the “IPs EOSC-CZ” project in Czechia. And it has officially launched its active phase on Monday, 4 September 2023.

Press Release: HERE

News3. 8. 2023

Interview with Luďek Matyska about EOSC

Professor RNDr. Luděk Matyska, CSc, representative of the mandated organization CESNET, which representing EOSC for the Czech Republic, spoke about the EOSC-CZ project in an interview for EOSC Focus. You can read about the history of the EOSC project in the Czech Republic, the motivation and visions of the project for the future. The interview is HERE.

News2. 8. 2023

Our colleague Lukáš Šišmiš contributed to the improvement of Suricata

Our colleague Lukáš Šišmiš from the Administration and Security Tools Department has contributed to a significant improvement of the open-source security tool Suricata. He developed an important feature to support DPDK interface. In addition, based on his results, he became an official member of the Suricata development team. Congratulations! More information here.

News17. 7. 2023

In Plzeň computers are taught to understand human speech. In this process they use CESNET services

Recently, at the Grid Computing Seminar, we heard an interesting lecture by Jan Lehecka from the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the University of West Bohemia. He described how he and his colleagues at MetaCenter train AI models. We just had to go to Plzeň to have a look. Researchers at the Department of Cybernetics showed us what projects they are working on and what CESNET services they use. More in our new article.

News12. 7. 2023

Children’s University of CTU in SAGElab

The SAGElab laboratory, which is a joint workplace of the CESNET association and the Faculty of Information Technology of the CTU in Prague, has been hosting the activities of the CTU Children’s University since 10 July. The aim is to arouse children’s interest in technical fields. The event, which is organised by the CTU Rector’s Office in cooperation with individual faculties, is intended for children who have completed the 1st to 8th year of primary school. Read more here.

News4. 7. 2023

CESNET 2022 Annual Report

We have just released the 2022 Annual Report. You can take a look back at the main events of last year with us. For the first time in our history we relocated our corporate headquarters, continued to upgrade our CESNET3 backbone and strengthened our computing capacity and data storage infrastructure. Read more here.


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