News17. 3. 2023

CEF Networks Workshop 2023 – Registration open

The International CEF Networks Workshop 2023 focused on optical networks has opened its registration. The aim is to bring together experts from around the world to share experiences in designing and operating state-of-the-art infrastructures. More information about the workshop and the registration itself can be found here.


News7. 2. 2023

Short-term network outage

Please acknowledge, that at 11:25 a.m., as part of a planned test, a power failure occurred at PoP CESNET-Prague 1 (Zikova).

We apologize for any inconvenience.

News6. 1. 2023

The ELI ERIC Consortium has become an associate member of CESNET

ELI ERIC, the first European research infrastructure consortium based in the Czech Republic, has been accepted as an associate member of CESNET. ELI ERIC allows researchers and companies to use world-class high power and ultra-fast lasers for scientific and industrial purposes. More info here.

News8. 12. 2022

The e-IRG workshop on the development of large research e-infrastructures is coming up

The e-IRG Workshop on Large Research e-Infrastructures will take place in Prague on Monday 12 and Tuesday 13 December. The workshop is organised by CESNET as part of the Czech EU Presidency. Participants can expect a series of lectures by leading experts with whom they will be able to discuss the hottest issues in the field. The key topic will be the impact of the energy crisis on the research e-infrastructures in the EU. There will also be discussions on coordination and cooperation between European e-infrastructures, data repositories and working with data. Read more here.

News5. 12. 2022

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2023!

Christmas is coming. This time Čapek’s robot helped us with Christmas decorations, baking gingerbread cookies and holiday lights. It is an original Čapek’s figure made of metal and wood, which our colleagues set in motion for the Karel Čapek Memorial in Stará Huť. Oldřich Linhart and Jiří Kubišta created a digital 3D model of the robot and enabled its movement in virtual space. The only thing he can’t do yet is talk, so we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. You can find the Christmas video greetings here: PF 2023.

News5. 12. 2022

Czech Head Award for CESNET

CESNET received the Czech Head Award, the country’s highest scientific acknowledgement. An expert jury recognized our solution for video and audio transmission via a computer network across large distances with exceptionally low time latency. The Industry award from IDEA StatiCa, given as part of the Czech Head competition for the best company innovation, was accepted during the gala ceremony last night in Prague by Head of the CESNET Networking Application Technologies Department dr. Sven Ubik, whose team created the prized solution. The device, named MVTP technology (Modular Video Transmission Platform) enables direct remote collaboration in critically sensitive areas in terms of communication latency, such as live culture.
Read the details in our press release.


11th CEF Networks Workshop 2023, 18. – 19. 4., Prague