News16. 9. 2022

CESNET becomes a partner of the FameLab science competition

We are a partner of the FameLab science competition organized by Charles University. On 30 September, 11 finalists from Czech universities will participate in the science competition show FameLab. Young scientists across disciplines will attempt to explain the essence of their research project in just 3 minutes on stage. The winners are chosen by the panel and the audience. The prizes will be presented to the winners, among others, by the director of CESNET, Ing. Jakub Papírník.

News5. 9. 2022

Final part of EOSC Roadshow 2022 in Ostrava is coming soon

The first EOSC Roadshow 2022 has already completed its parts in Prague and Brno, and now the last one, Ostrava, is coming soon. You can use this years´s last chance to get the information about the concept of open science in the Czech Republic and find out how to get involved in EOSC activities and how to use the results and data within the open science framework. Already on September 27th in Ostrava!

News30. 8. 2022

EGI Conference 2022 in Prague is coming soon

We invite you to the annual EGI Conference 2022 (European Grid Infrastructure), which takes place in Prague, at the Vienna House Andel’s Hotel on 20 – 22 September. Under the title ”Together for Tomorrow”, the conference will focus on innovations in scientific computing and on services and solutions for building a research ecosystem. The programme and registration are available on the event website.

News18. 8. 2022

Josef Underground Laboratory – Internet and eduroam 130 meters underground

CESNET services are available to researchers and students not only in schools and research institutes, but also in less common locations. One of them is the Josef mine (Štola Josef), operated by the Centre of Experimental Geotechnics of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the CTU in Prague. Through internet connection and eduroam, our users have normal conditions for their work, somewhere up to 130 meters underground! More in our report.

News1. 8. 2022

Books and magazines within easy reach, not only during the holidays

Through, library visitors can access several services at once. offers personalised access to 33 libraries in the Czech Republic with a collection of more than 2.6 million books. Through, readers can log in to PressReader, which provides access to daily newspapers and popular educational magazines, and Bookport, which offers 9,000 specialized books and fiction. Read more here.