Cyber Performances Become a Reality

We technically ensured a joint concert of Czech and Malaysian musicians during the 40th annual APAN conference. The artists were separated by 9,500 kilometres during …

19. 8. 2015

eMusic project successfull

Testing conditions for real-time long-distance cooperation among educational institutions in the area of music and cultural production as well as founding a technical infrastructure for …

29. 6. 2015

CESNET to Implement Live Broadcast of Neurosurgery Performed by World Specialists

Experts in various parts of the world will be able to view an online broadcast of neurologic surgeries carried out by the world’s leading specialists …

5. 6. 2015

We implemented OF-CONFIG for Open vSwitch

As per agreement with the Open vSwitch (OVS) community,we created extension that facilitates the configuration of this device via the OF-CONFIG protocol. Details are available …

14. 5. 2015

Project to protect 400G networks

In collaboration with Invea-Tech company, we launched a project focused on development of specialized device protecting high-speed networks from particular attack types. Detailed information is …

4. 5. 2015

4K visualisation in New Zealand

As part of the eResearch NZ 2015 conference, New Zealand’s REANNZ academic network in collaboration with the Czech national CESNET e-infrastructure introduced transmission of surgical …

23. 4. 2015

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