News15. 3. 2020


Security alert related to COVID-19 virus

The current situation of COVID-19 epidemic is also being used by criminal groups to conduct cyber attacks. Massive search for information on the current situation from the public is a opportunity to spread malware in the form of phishing and malicious websites.

Remember the basics of cyber security:

  • Upgrade software regularly (operating system, web browser).
  • Use an updated antivirus.
  • Do not open unknown electronic documents, web links, mail attachemens or mobile applications.
  • Back up regularly.

Work activities is being moved from secured corporate newtorks to home computers that have little or no security and, in the event of an attack, can be used as leapfalls to attack corporate networks and data.

News7. 2. 2020

New AI cluster available to scientists

A new computer cluster has been made available to scientists, researchers, and university students in the Czech Republic. It was built by the CESNET Association and named ADAN. The ADAN cluster boasts exceptional computational power, significantly enhancing the existing CESNET portfolio of high-performance computers. More inforamtion in press relase.

News16. 12. 2019

PF 2020

Merry Christmas and happy New Year 2020.
Full video you can find here.

News3. 10. 2019

The Catch Hacking challenge

The Catch Hacking Challenge will start on October 7th at 14 o’clock. The plot of this year’s game is inspired by the Berserker book series. Defeat rebellious artificial intelligence and win valuable prizes. More at .

Through the organization of the competition, we endorse the ideas of the Cyber Security Month, thus contributing to building a more secure Internet environment and cyberspace.


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