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Security workshop

5. 2. 2016

Tuesday 9 February is this year’s international Safer Internet Day. A day-long workshop on network and service security, organised by CESNET, is taking place at the National Technical Library on this occasion. The workshop will focus on the network monitoring, security incident detection, utilisation of this information for cyber protection and usage of expert knowledge and forensic specialists.  Further information is provided by our press release.

100 Gbps to GÉANT

27. 1. 2016

We upgraded our connection to the GÉANT European academic backbone infrastructure to 100 Gbps. Besides improved bandwidth, the new connection enables separate international data flows greater than 10 Gbps. Read our press release for more information.

CESNET is a partner of the HiPEAC conference

19. 1. 2016

We are a partner of the HiPEAC conference focused on computer architectures, programming and operating systems which takes place in Prague from 18th to 20th January 2016. On 19th January, we prepared a demonstration of our COMBO-100G accelerated network card entitled Live Demonstration of 100 Gbps Ethernet End to End Communication Accelerator.

200 Gbps over 2000 km

16. 12. 2015

In collaboration with the ECI company, we tested successfully 400G flex-grid blade. We transmitted the 200 Gbps signal over the distance of more than 2000 km. Deatiled information is available in the press release of ECI.

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