News3. 4. 2019

SPIE conference in Prague

The SPIE European Conference hosts the latest advances in optoelectronics and advanced laser technologies. This year the event takes place in Prague (1st – 4th April 2019). Our colleagues from the optical network department prepared a demo of Czech Light – Open Line System for the stand.

News1. 4. 2019

We interconnect technology and art

The Martinů Hall of the Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague will host an unusual music and dance performance that will use modern technology to connect artists that will be in different places at the same time at 7:30 pm on Wednesday, 3 April. The performance can also be watched online. Read more detail in our press release.

News12. 3. 2019

DDoS Protector

NIX.CZ will test our DDoS Protection

Our solution for protecting against DDoS attacks, called DDoS Protector, will be deployed experimentally in the NIX.CZ interconnection node as part of the FENIX security project. Project members will be able to verify that their networks are protected, as is the data flowing through the NIX.CZ node. CESNET developers will then gain experience from deploying DDoS Protector in a world-class interconnection environment.
Read more detail in our press release.

News19. 2. 2019

Prague 1848 → 1918 exhibition offers unique 3D models

The exhibition includes a web line named The Objects of Praguers around 1900. This is a presentation of the museum’s collection items in the form of 3D models created by CESNET experts. It allows exhibition visitors to see detailed 3D models.

You can view the 3D models from the Prague 1848 → 1918 exhibition at or
Read more detail in our press release.

News18. 2. 2019

Aleš Padrta speaking in the Czech Radio

Our colleague spoke in the Czech Radio

Our colleague Aleš Padrta spoke in the Czech Radio Plzeň again. He took part in the Poradíme vám (We’ll advise you) show. The interesting interview containing answers to many question from listeners regarding the Internet threats can be listened (in Czech) from the radio web archive.


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