Eduroam roaming infrastructure

User roaming and access to the Internet for the partners participating in the eduroam project in the Czech Republic and abroad. To connect to eduroam, the entity needs to have WiFi infrastructure supporting 802.1x, centralised identity administration and an implemented interconnection by means of RADIUS protocol.

User authentication to access the eduroam WiFi network is performed through a hierarchy of RADIUS servers. Every connected entity has its own authentication server. Such entities are referred to as identity providers (IdP). In order to connect to eduroam, the entity should also provide WiFi access (service provider; SP).


From the user point of view, the operation of eduroam is transparent. The user signs in the eduroam (ESSID) network and the infrastructure ensures the authentication with the home entity (IdP). The user IP traffic terminates in the visited entity (SP).

Key benefits

  • Easy access to the Internet at partners both in the Czech Republic and abroad;
  • No need to create guest accounts in the host network.

Target audience

The service is available to entities which comply with the Terms and conditions for the access to the CESNET e-infrastructure (not necessarily connected). Entities which do not comply with the Terms may connect to the federation solely as service providers.


The service is available free of charge both to entities connected to the CESNET e-infrastructure and any other entities.


To install the service, the participant should follow the instructions in the guidelines. The entity appoints an administrator. The administrator implements the RADIUS server and ensures its connection to the eduroam.

Entity’s staff members responsible for the service launch follow the procedure published by the connected entity.

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Last change: 5.6.2017