SPARTA Associate workshop

When: 9. 2. 2020, 13.00-14.00
Where: Online

The workshop introduced the SPARTA concepts and goals and focus its key topics on joint SPARTA cybersecurity infrastructure which aims at interconnection of laboratories and cyberranges across Europe to foster cooperation in education, training and research. There was also a discussion at the end of the workshop.



13.00–13.05 Introduction into SPARTA project
Martin Žádník

This short talk will introduce the ambition of SPARTA to shape cybersecurity research, innovation, and training across domains and expertise uniting the efforts in Europe.

13.05-13.20 Presentation of joint SPARTA cybersecurity infrastructure –
interconnection of cyberranges

Raul Orduna, Urrutia

The presentation will summarize the effort and achievements to ease collaboration among SPARTA partners as well as for allowing sharing of facilities with external organizations.

13.20-13.35 Presentation of SPARTA cybersecurity training and education
Jan Hajný

The presentation will describe SPARTA activities in cybersecurity training and education. The SPARTA Cybersecurity Skills Framework and its application to both higher-education and professional training will be covered.

13.35-13.45 Presentation of KYPO cyberrange and cooperation with other EU pilot

Jakub Cegan

he presentation will introduce current state and upcoming activities focusing on cyberranges. Practical information about establishing an open-source Kypo cyber range and its features will be provided by representatives of SPARTA and CONCORDIA technical teams.

13.45-14.00 Discussion on cybersecurity cyberranges and education
Martin Žádník, Jan Hajný

Discussion among SPARTA associates and friends as well as with other interested participants on the topic of training, education and cyberranges.

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