Technologies for network applications

We focus on the research, development and deployment of technologies supporting advanced network applications utilizing the potential of high-capacity optical networks.

We actively search for new types of applications that may bring new possibilities into research, development, education or other areas such as medicine or art. These applications usually require a specific support by hardware or software resources in various layers of the network model to exploit the potential of optical networks.

Currently, we are active in the following areas:

1. Hardware support for specialized video and audio low-latency transmissions

  • Based on our own hardware with FPGA (see below)
  • Advantages are low latency, high configuration flexibility and easy equipment portability
  • Research and development are complemented by result commercialization
  • Technology has applications in real-time remote collaboration in many areas including:
    • Research and development (e.g., sharing 3D models in architecture, machinery design, biology or environmental studies)
    • Medicine (transmissions of surgery videos for conferences or lectures)
    • Post-production in multimedia industry
    • Creative work (e.g., remote lectures of music, remote access to cultural artifacts)

2. Accurate time and frequency transmissions over optical networks

  • Based on our own hardware with FPGA
  • Interconnecting national time and frequency laboratories (currently in the Czech Republic and Austria)
  • NEAT-FT project within the EMRP (European Metrology Research Programme)

3. Active nodes for photonic networks and advanced applications

  • Extending optical networks reach without electrical intervention with buffering (switches, routers)
  • Research in software defined networks (SDN) and Openflow
  • Research in automatic optical paths implementation

Developed hardware

4K Gateway

4k Gateway provides multichannel transmissions of video and audio signals at high resolution and with low latency over optical networks.

Datasheet: mvtp-4K-v3.pdf


MTPP is a programmable FPGA-based platform for monitoring of 10 Gbps and 40 Gbps links.  The 10 Gbps version consists of a series of dynamically reconfigurable modules for packet inspection, generation or modification. The 40 Gbps version includes a BERT (Bit Error Rate Test) module.

Datasheet: mtpp10-v5.pdfmtpp40.pdf


Network monitoring

We operate several services for CESNET2 network performance monitoring:


Articles, conference papers and presentations

Older publications

2008–2009, 2006–2007, 2003–2005, 2000–2002


We are currently involved in national and international projects: GN3+,  eMusic, NEAT-FT.

We had been involved in the past projects:POVROS, GN2, GN3, SCAMPI, LOBSTER

NTP synchronization and one-way delay measurement


Dr. Sven Ubik

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