CESNET evaluated as an excellent research organization by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports

Prague 8. January 2019. The CESNET Association achieved the highest possible “A” score in the consensual evaluation of research organizations within the competence of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports with the exception of universities. The evaluation states an indisputable innovation potential, excellent results of applied research and as well the important social relevance of CESNET as an organization that provides the research community in the Czech Republic with the e-infrastructure services necessary to conduct research, development and innovation on an internationally competitive level.

A positive assessment shows that the association is a technology leader in the field of information and telecommunication technologies. Our research in the field of optical transmission systems, security and monitoring tools and technologies for advance applications is internationally competitive. This is confirmed by a number of national and international patents, projects, publications and open source software. We try to commercialize the results of our research and also apply those results within operation of the national e-infrastructure services,” said Jan Gruntorád, Director of CESNET.

In the framework of the evaluation, the research organization can reach the overall level on the A-D scale (excellent / very good / average / below average) according to the methodology approved by the government resolution. The expert advisory body of the Ministry observes several criteria: the Quality of the selected results, the Research performance, the Social relevance, the Viability and also the Strategy of the research organization. CESNET succeeded in all categories.

The assessment also states that “CESNET has a nationwide impact and importance with significant international transitions due to its involvement in e-Infrastructure Networks and pan-European, and world-wide initiatives as well e-infrastructure services provided to the user community in the Czech Republic, and as well as its own R & D and innovation activities improve these services.” The expert advisory body at the same time recommended the association to enhance the international mobility of its staff and expand its international scientific board.

The CESNET associationwas founded by various Czech universities and the Czech Academy of Sciences in 1996. It has built and developed the national CESNET e-infrastructure, designed for science, research, and education, including a computer network, computing grids, data repositories, and an environment for collaboration, and offers a wide range of services for universities, scientific research facilities, and other institutions. The association also does its own research and development of information and communications technology, and represents the Czech Republic in major international projects, particularly those related to building the pan-European GÉANT network. CESNET places great emphasis on the security of network operations, services, and user data.

Last change: 8.1.2019