e-INFRA CZ is a unique e-infrastructure for research and development in the Czech Republic, which offers a transparent environment ensuring comprehensive capacities and resources for transmission, storage and processing of scientific data to all entities active in research, development and innovations across industries. It establishes a communication, information, storage and computing platform for research. It thus creates a communication, information, storage and computing base for research and development at the national and international levels and provides an extensive and comprehensive portfolio of ICT services, without which modern research and development cannot be realized.

The main components of e-INFRA CZ include:

  • high-performance national communications infrastructure
  • national grid and cloud infrastructure
  • most powerful and cutting-edge supercomputing systems in the Czech Republic
  • high-capacity data storages.

The e-INFRA CZ research infrastructure is being built in cooperation with three national e-infrastructures, CESNET, CERIT-SC and IT4Innovations.

Web: https://www.e-infra.cz/

Long-term outlook of network, storage and computing capacities

Network Computing Data storage
Network infrastructure (FWDM, IP / MPLS) will be upgraded in 2021/2022. Backbone will be upgraded to 400 Gbps transmission capacity. At the same time, the access infrastructure will allow 100 Gbps access ports for the primary connection of organizations, and/or for special devices and applications. We plan continuous renewal and expansion of computing capacity (computing clusters, storage capacity, availability of GPU cards, etc.) The investment outlook for data storages for the next period is approximately 30 million CZK per year with a 5-year service life of these investments. The extrapolation of the user capacity assumption is shown in the graph.


Last change: 13.9.2022