For work team members

If you are a member of work team dealing with science, research, innovation or education and your organization is connected to CESNET e-infrastructure we have a variety of tools enabling team collaboration.

Team members communication

Alongside common internet tools such as e-mail or community web you can also use services for direct communication in real time, in particular videoconference and webconference. Thanks to these tools the members of distributed teams can virtually meet more often than in case of traveling to coordination meetings. Moreover, the videoconferences can be archived.

Data sharing

Does your team need to process large volume of data and transmit it across sites or archive it? It is not a problem for our data storage.

Transmissions for demanding experiments

Does your team transmit extreme volumes of data – e.g. for remote access to unique scientific appliances or their outputs – or does it have very high demands for security of data transmissions? Our advanced transmission services Circuit, Lambda and Photonic would suit such demand and could be of interest for you.

Other benefits

Each work team member is at the same time the user of our e-infrastructure. Not to repeat ourselves we will only emphasize that it includes also advantages for end users.

Last change: 26.8.2015