Foodle facilitates the creation of simple surveys or questionnaires and the management of meetings.

  • Foodle enables the creation of questionnaires, surveys or schedulers;
  • The access may/may not require login (anonymity);
  • Pre-defined answers can be included (selecting from values such as Yes/No/Maybe).
  • Additional information about the respondents can be asked for (picture, locality, entity, time zone);
  • It is possible to set the maximum amount of responses;
  • Can be opened only to a closed group of respondents.

Key benefits

  • Easy and fast creation of the questionnaire/ survey;
  • Anonymous responding is enabled.

Target audience

The service is available to teams and projects of both the entities connected to the CESNET e-infrastructure and those not connected. The service can only be provided after the user has authenticated via, eduID hostel and/or by social IdP (Google, LinkedIN, Facebook, mojeID, GitHub, ORCID), or through the inter-federation eduGAIN.


The service is available free of charge both to entities connected to the CESNET e-infrastructure and to other entities.


Participants can subscribe the service themselves at

Last change: 24.5.2017