Hostel IdP

Hostel Identity Provider (IdP) is a service provided to users of entities which are not registered in the identity federation. This functions as the last-resort IdP (Identity provider). The service should not, however, substitute the full-fledged registration in the identity federation.

Hostel IdP enables self-registration by means of a valid email address. Thus, a registered account can be used to access a number of services operated within the federation and the CESNET e-infrastructure.

Other services, however, require identity authentication. This can be performed after prior agreement with the registration officer who verifies the identity based on a national identity document (ID card, passport). Alternatively, the identity can be verified at any CzechPoint centre (Česká pošta).

Feature description:

  • Enables easy access to several applications and services of partners with a single sign-in;
  • Application administrators do not store user authentication data and do not perform any authentication;
  • User authentication is performed towards Hostel IdP;
  • The federation infrastructure provides easy, standard and secure means of user data exchange.

Key benefits

  • Last-resort solution in case the entity does not have own Identity Management (IdM);
  • Enables to verify the identity of universities and third-party partners;
  • Individual authentication can be performed based on the verification at CzechPoint centres (Česká pošta).

Target audience

The service is available to entities with administrative and technical obstacles preventing their registration with the identity federation. The service may be used where the entity does not have own Identity Management (IdM), or where the services only require the access of several administrators (e.g. to issue server certificates), or by cooperating entities/partners who seek access to the resources of entities registered in the federation.


The service is open to any entity (not to entities which comply with the Terms and conditions for the access to the CESNET e-infrastructure) free of any additional charge.


Online self-registration. To be granted rights to access other services, the verification of identity based on a national identity (ID card, passport) at any registration point (Prague, Brno, Pilsen) or at any CzechPoint centre.

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Last change: 7.6.2017