Networking Studies 2010

Selected Technical Reports

Networking studies 2010 is a publication containing 13 selected technical reports written by CESNET researchers. Individual reports are organised thematically as follows:

Part I: Optical Network Technology Networking Studies
  • 40 Gbps Communication Channels Test over the CESNET2 DWDM Optical Transmission Network
  • Deployment of CL VMUX devices in CESNET Experimental Facility
  • All-Optical Wavelength Converter
Part II: Network Monitoring and Security
  • G3 System – Extensions in 2009
  • Precise Timestamp Generation Module and its Applications in Flow Monitoring
  • Flow Measurement Extension for Application Identification
  • Security Risks in IP Telephony
  • Impact of IPsec on Speech Quality
Part III: Middleware and Applications
  • VirtCloud: Virtual Network for User-controlled Virtual Clusters
  • Virtual Clusters as a New Service of MetaCentrum, the Czech NGI
  • Overlapping eduroam Networks Operated by Different Organizations
  • High Available eduroam RADIUS Server
  • iHDTV Protocol Implementation for UltraGrid

The 196-page publication is available for download in PDF (10 MB).

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ISBN 978-80-904173-8-0

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