Networking Studies 2008

Selected Technical Reports

Networking studies 2008 is a publication containing 13 selected technical reports written by CESNET researchers. Individual reports are organised thematically as follows:

Part I: CESNET2 Network
  • Development of the CESNET2 DWDM Optical Transport Core Network
  • Static DWDM System Deployment and Innovations in CESNET2
  • Deployment of CESNET2+ E2E Services in 2007
  • IPv6 Multicast in the CESNET2 Network
Part II: Network Monitoring
  • ABW – Short-timescale passive bandwidth monitoring
  • Flexible FlowMon
  • G3 System – Reporter
Part III: Quality of Service
  • Analytic Model of Delay Variation Valid for RTP
  • STU_BURST: Hardware support for quantification of traffic burstiness
Part IV: Services and Applications
  • Virtualizing METACentrum Resources Using Magrathea
  • Distributed Synchronous Infrastructure for Multimedia Streams Transmission and Processing
  • Network Collaborative Environment for Human tissues 3D Modeling
  • FlowMon Probe Network Configuration

The 208-page publication is available for download in PDF (3.6 MB).

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all rights reserved

ISBN 978-80-254-2151-2

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