The patent-protected solutions are the result of research activities of the CESNET Association. During the course of the association 13 researchers, 13 patents in the Czech Republic, 8 in the USA and 4 in the European Union, were awarded to the researchers. These include for example:

A system for implementation of a dispersion table

The CESNET association, jointly with the CTU Faculty of Information Technology in Prague, has acquired a Czech patent protecting its invention enabling implementation of fast compression algorithms. The patent is titled A system for implementation of a dispersion table. This solution has obtained also US patent in 2019.

Spectrally flexible device for bidirectional transmissions of optical signals sensitive to timing

Researchers of the CESNET Association in the area of optical technologies have developed a design that is now patent-protected. The US Patent Office has issued a patent for a device in the CzechLight family of advanced photonic solutions for transmission and processing of optical signals, which the Association’s experts have been developing for a long time.

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Device for receiving video signals transmitted over a packet computer network

The patent concerns a unique design for synchronising video channels in a device receiving video signals via a computer network. The design may provide for stable transmission and visualisation even with a small buffering memory, and hence with a small added delay, which has important implications for specialised applications. Individual video channels may be flexibly bundled, for example for the transmission of 3D signals, or ultra high definition signals (4K or 8K), transmitted piecewise.

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Device for receiving video signals transmitted over a packet computer network
The core of the invention lies in a new solution of video channel synchronization within a computer network transfer. Individual channels can be arbitrarily divided into groups with their own synchronization. This allows transferring through one device simultaneously, for example, a 4K signal, consisting of synchronized HD-sized quadrants, 3D signal with two synchronized images, and additional independent HD channels. Device transfer capacity can be reallocated among these types of signals in line with current needs. The device does not use a so-called frame buffer. This keeps delay to a minimum, in the range of milliseconds. All key logical circuits are located on the received end, which can therefore work with any transmitter. Press release
Device for Multicast of Optical Signals in the Internet and Other Networks

The device is already protected in the Czech Republic as patent No. 300811 issued by the Industrial Property Office on 12 August 2009 and is available on the market as the Czech Light® Multicast Switch (CLM). In the United States of America, the device is protected by U.S. Patent 8,582,967 of 12 November 2013.

The European Patent Office is stricter in awarding patents than the USPTO. In summary, it can be said that the US patents are “single-round” while the EU patents are “double-round”. For these reasons, acquiring a European patent is generally considered to be more difficult (see, e.g., However, acquiring a US patent is not easy at all. Acquisition of a European patent is seen as all the greater achievement. It is further proof of CESNET’s excellent research and development work in the area of optical networks and photonics, particularly in the sphere of fully optical signal processing with optical switches and amplifiers.

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Last change: 23.7.2019