Outputs from research

We deploy R&D results within the CESNET e-infrastructure and we are looking for their application on the global market by licensing and supporting spin-off companies.

Netcope Technologies

Netcope Technologies, formerly the so-called Invea-Tech FPGA, is involved in developing and programming network cards for hardware acceleration. As the first to develop a 100G Ethernet networking card that finds customers among Internet providers, mobile operators or data center operators.

CESNET and Netcope Technologies received the Industrie Award in the competition Česká hlavaCzech Head for the COMBO-CG Network Card in 2016.

Distributed project management system for comprehensive monitoring of high-speed networks, which significantly contributed CESNET, is ranked second in the Best Cooperation of the Year.


Comprimato Systemsis a leading company in the field of compression video solutions (such as JPEG200) accelerated on Computing Graphics Cards (GPUs)

Flowmon Networks

Part of Invea-Tech, dedicated to Flowmon, for monitoring and security of computer networks.

Last change: 8.12.2017