We are building an environment for user communications and multimedia content sharing on top of the high throughput optical networks and the middleware layer. It supports the following:

–   multimedia transfers with a signaling infrastructure

–   synchronous and asynchronous transfers without standard signaling infrastructure.

We focus primarily on the research, development, and quality of rich multimedia services (audio, video, text, and presence) using standard signaling protocols (H.323, SIP), services (MCU), webconferences, streaming, and their relation to the whole environment.

A specific goal is the support for design and construction of communication systems of CESNET Association members or other institutions. We emphasize the growing security considerations.

We work on the development of the multipoint wide area transmission of compressed and uncompressed HD and post-HD video (stereoscopic video, 4K, 8K) with the use of active element infrastructure and optical multicast. The development in the area of compression is focused on low-latency hardware-accelerated processing (CUDA).


Contact:  Jan Růžička

More information Ultragrid, video a webkonference, IP telefonie


Last change: 16.3.2015