Areas of research

CESNET is a research organization that plays role as a technological innovator for a long time. It is essential that we intensively engage in research activities in relevant areas and further develop the results we have achieved, in order to maintain this position and to develop national e-infrastructure for research. CESNET is concerned with its own research and development, particularly in the following areas:

  • research and verification of new principles and technological trends in the construction of optical networks
  • research and development in the field of e-infrastructure security
  • research and development of methods, both hardware and software, for quality monitoring high-speed networks and remote configuration of active network elements
  • development of methods for detecting anomalies at the level of the backbone network
  • research and development of methods and tools to support innovative network applications across multiple layers of the network model, in particular real-time applications including support in specialized hardware
  • research and development of methods and equipment for the transmission of time and frequency with high precision
  • research, development and application deployments for specialized high-quality (HD and post-HD) data transmissions in optical network environments (eg medical applications, scientific visualizations)
  • development of grid middleware, taking into account the needs identified in operation
  • research in the field of grid and cloud technologies
  • development, testing, and selective implementation of new superstructure services over a basic set of applications and access protocols for data repositories
  • development of extensions and tools for the mutual integration of the e-Infrastructure operated services
  • research and development focused on the development and deployment of management technologies and usage of network identities

Last change: 4.12.2017