New Generation of Medical Devices to Be Introduced in 3D Live Footage at the Urology Conference

Prague, 19 October 2015. Two urological surgeries, two operating teams, two cutting-edge devices, two hospitals in two different cities. Just one auditorium comprising professionals watching both surgeries in real time from a single spot. This is what the 61st annual conference of the Czech Urology Society (Česká urologická společnost ČLS JEP), taking place from Wednesday 21st to Friday 23rd October in Olomouc, will look like. The event will feature both audiovisual transfers, carried out by CESNET association experts in high quality: Full HD resolution and 3D format.

The surgeries will be performed at two remote places: Urology Clinic of the University Hospital in Plzeň (Urologická klinika Fakultní nemocnice Plzeň) and the Urology and Robotic Surgery Clinic at the Robotic Surgery Center at the Masaryk Hospital (Centrum robotické chirurgie Masarykovy nemocnice) in Ústí nad Labem. The Plzeň team will be led by Professor Milan Hora, carrying out a kidney tumour resection using a new laparoscopic device from Olympus. The Ústí nad Labem team will operate under the direction of Dr. Jana Schraml, using the latest version of the da Vinci robot to perform the same surgery.

CESNET has long been involved in ensuring high quality medical streams and supports them with its own development. It is among the leading organisations in this field. It regularly presents its work at major professional forums and cooperates with leading medical facilities throughout the world. The streams in Full HD and 4K resolution, as well as in 3D, will enable the scientific community to share findings across large distances, while maintaining the image quality.

Website of the 61st Annual Conference of the Czech Urology Society:

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