How to foster the campus networks’ security?

Prague, April 23, 2014. In cooperation with partners of a pan-European GÉANT network that interconnects European national research and education networks, CESNET Association organizes the Campus network monitoring and security workshop in Prague on 24-25 April. The invitation to the seminar was accepted by experts from ten European countries, the majority of whom works as network administrators of networks at universities and academic workplaces. The seminar will offer lectures given by leading Czech and foreign specialists. Together they will discuss the issues how to improve the security and quality of so called campus networks (i.e. local area networks) with a help of monitoring and other tools.

CESNET has been involved in this topic for a long time as part of its research activity related to its involvement in a pan-European project GN3 and participation in the activity titled Campus Best Practices (NA3/Task 2).

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Press release, April 23, 2014

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