Prague 1848 → 1918 exhibition offers unique 3D models

Prague, 18 February 2019 Sunday, 24 February is the last day you can visit the Prague 1848 1918 exhibition prepared by the City of Prague Museum. The exhibition includes a web line named The Objects of Praguers around 1900. This is a presentation of the museum’s collection items in the form of 3D models created by CESNET experts. It allows exhibition visitors to see detailed 3D models of a smoking table from the 1890s, a pair of ladies’ gloves from around 1900 stored in a luxurious box, as well as a natural ice refrigerator from a Prague household from 1907.

We are now able to digitize three-dimensional collection items not only by taking photos but also by creating faithful digital 3D models. Advantages of such models include a more precise depiction of the condition of collection items for archiving reasons as well as new opportunities for presenting them to the general public and experts alike. Anyone can examine them from all sides, open drawers, take a look at the inside, and more,” says CESNET’s Sven Ubik.

Another interesting option is remote access to 3D models over the Internet. This allows creating virtual exhibitions on the web or administering all information panels centrally at physical exhibitions. The models can also be presented by means of virtual or augmented reality. Collaboration between foreign collecting institutions allows creating unique joint exhibitions of collection items dispersed throughout the world that a visitor can see at a single ‘virtual location’ thanks to ‘digital repatriation’.

You can view the 3D models from the Prague 1848 → 1918 exhibition at or The links will remain active after the end of the event.

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Last change: 19.2.2019