CLONETS project meeting in progress in Prague

Prague, 15 January 2018. From today till Wednesday, the Prague headquarters of CESNET is hosting a meeting of the CLONETS (CLOck NETwork Services) project, in which CESNET is involved as a researcher. The project objective is to study and develop documentation for construction of the pan-European optical fibre network to provide high-quality services for transmission and distribution of exact time and stable frequencies.

The project consortium unites 16 members from 7 European countries. The members include national metrology institutes (NMI), national research networks (NREN), universities, research institutes and commercial organisations. The experts involved in the CLONETS project belong among the world’s leading authorities on optical transmission of time and frequency. The CLONETS project (ID 731107) is part of the call INFRAINNOV-2016.

In addition to the work meeting, the three-day agenda includes a workshop aiming to summarise the outcomes of the first year of the project. Moreover, the project managing body will have a CLONETS Project Board Meeting on Tuesday. The planned pan-European optical network will provide high-quality services in the area of time and frequency transmission for European metrological institutes, research infrastructures and industry. The network will be designed so as to make maximum possible use of the infrastructure of the European GÉANT research network, particularly its optical fibre lines.

The CESNET Association was founded by Czech universities and the Czech Academy of Sciences in 1996. It is engaged in research and development in the field of information and communication technologies and builds and develops the CESNET national e-infrastructure for research and education. Thanks to its research activities and accomplishments, it represents the Czech Republic in important international projects, particularly in building the pan-European GÉANT data network or grid projects (, and actively participates in their implementation. CESNET places great emphasis on the security of network operations, services and user protection.

Last change: 17.1.2018