CESNET to Attend InstallFest Linux Conference

Prague, 23 February 2018. CESNET experts will speak at this year’s instalment of the traditional InstallFest Linux conference, to be held in Building E of CTU Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Karlovo náměstí (Charles Square), Prague, on Saturday 3 March and Sunday 4 March. The conference will offer numerous lectures and workshops on topics connected with Linux, programming, server administration and computer networks. CESNET is a partner of the event.

The Association will be represented in both the Saturday and Sunday sections. For Saturday, Tomáš Čejka has prepared a presentation titled nmap: one of the developer’s Swiss Army knives. He will present the functioning of the best-known communication protocols in use, and demonstrate the applications of the nmap open-source tool.

On Sunday, Ondřej Caletka will first contribute with his lecture Netiquette in e-mail communication. He will deal with current bad habits such as top-posting, thread theft or incorrect addressing of calls for unsubscriptions from conferences. He will also remind you about the difference between To: and Cc:.

After that, Ondřej Caletka will lead a workshop titled Analysis of RIPE Atlas measurements in Python, intended for more experienced administrators and developers. RIPE Atlas is a distributed system for measurement of basic Internet parameters, such as response time, traceroute and DNS. The workshop participants will try and program an interesting data analysis, so they should bring their own computer and be able to write simple programs in the Python language.

Find the detailed schedule at: https://installfest.cz/if18/. You can also register for the event free of charge at the same address.

The CESNET Association was founded by Czech universities and the Czech Academy of Sciences in 1996. It has built and developed the national e-infrastructure CESNET, designed for science, research and education, including a computer network, computing grids, data repositories and an environment for collaboration and offering a wide range of services for universities, scientific research facilities and other institutions. The Association also does its own research and development of information and communications technology and represents the Czech Republic in major international projects, particularly building the pan-European GÉANT network.

Last change: 27.2.2018