CESNET makes audiovisual connection between Olympic Festival sports venues

Prague, 15 February 2018. In cooperation with its partner AV MEDIA, the CESNET association has made an audiovisual connection between the sports venues at which the Olympic Festival is currently held, namely the Brno Exhibition Grounds and ČEZ Arena in Ostrava.

The connection enables video transmission with a 4K resolution (3840x2160 pixels) at 60 frames per second. The signal delay is only about 2 ms, of which 1 ms is the network delay and 1 ms is due to the transmission codec. Thanks to this, the connection can be used for interactive communication. The 4K resolution offers four times the amount of details as the Full HD technology. Using 4K, the human eye no longer perceives the individual pixels, making the video appear absolutely seamless.

The transmission between the sports venues is part of an experimental verification of the technology developed in the 8KSVIP (8K Studio Over IP) project, supported by the Eurostars programme from the budgets of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and the European Union. In this project, the project partners – CESNET and the companies AV MEDIA, intoPIX and Image Matters – are developing a scalable transmission technology for audiovisual transmissions with an 8K resolution.

The audiovisual transmission is handled using MVTP devices based on FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) circuits, developed by CESNET. The video compression and decompression uses the low-latency TICO codec, developed by intoPIX.

The connection is implemented on the CESNET2 backbone network, which is a part of the e-infrastructure for science, research and education operated by CESNET. The optical fibre connection to the transmission end points is provided by CETIN.

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More about AV MEDIA: www.avmedia.cz

The CESNET Association was founded by Czech universities and the Czech Academy of Sciences in 1996. It has built and developed the national e-infrastructure CESNET, designed for science, research and education, including a computer network, computing grids, data repositories and an environment for collaboration and offering a wide range of services for universities, scientific research facilities and other institutions. The Association also does its own research and development of information and communications technology and represents the Czech Republic in major international projects, particularly building the pan-European GÉANT network.

Last change: 16.2.2018