CESNET Invites You to Its Traditional IPv6 Workshop

28 May 2018, Prague – on the usual date, i.e., 6 June, CESNET will be holding the annual one-day workshop dedicated to the IPv6 Internet protocol, situated in room no. 256 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University. Intended for the general public, the event starts at 9:30 a.m.

Anyone interested may attend the workshop – either personally after registering at the website of the event free of charge, or via a live broadcast available at the same location. A record of the event will also be published. You can already view the footnotes for the talks prepared by experts from the association.

Workshop website: https://www.cesnet.cz/akce/ipv6-2018/

Topics and speakers

  • Automatic configuration of IPv6 v in a local network (Ondřej Caletka)
  • IPv6 in a small operator’s network (Radek Zajíc)
  • IPv6 on MikroTik (Ladislav Růžička)
  • IPv6 deployment in UPCE eurodam (Jan Vondráček)
  • IPv6-only in an internal infrastructure (Martin Vicián)
  • History and present situation of IPv6 in Sokolovská uhelná (Michal Žejdl)
  • Standardisation of IPv6 in IETF (Matěj Grégr)
  • Quarter of a century of alternatives for IPv4 (Tomáš Podermański)
  • What is a domestic network going to look like in 2025 (Radek Zajíc)
  • IP address geo-location errors and solutions (Tomáš Podermański)
  • RIPE IPv6 update (Ondřej Caletka)

The CESNET organisation was founded in 1996 by universities and the Czech Academy of Sciences. It builds and develops the national e-infrastructure CESNET dedicated to science, research and education, which includes a computer network, calculation grids, data storages and collaboration spaces and offers a wide variety of services to universities, scientific-research workplaces and other facilities. The organisation also engages in its own research and development of information and communication technologies, representing the Czech Republic in important international projects, especially construction of the GÉANT pan-European network. CESNET places great emphasis on the issue of security of network operation, services and user protection.

Last change: 31.5.2018