CESNET in the Week of Science and Technology: on-line broadcasts and presentation “Safely in the Internet World”

Prague, October 30, 2013. Like in the previous years, CESNET participates in the traditional Week of Science and Technology that is taking place during the period of 1 to 15 November. The CESNET Association continues in a tradition of providing on-line broadcasts of selected presentations. Interested users can follow the presentations broadcasts on the web of the event (www.tydenvedy.cz). The link Festival on-line will lead to all recorded presentations provided by CESNET.

The Association will also actively participate in the presentation block of the Week of Science and Technology. Andrea Kropáčová, the cybersecurity specialist from CESNET, together with Jan Kolouch from the Czech Republic Police Academy have prepared a presentation with a title Safely in the Internet World. The presentation will take place on 8 November at 11 a.m. in the Grand Hall (Velký sál) of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (Národní 3, Prague 1). The participants will learn about the security risks of the work on the Internet, about how to avoid the principal mistakes, about how to protect the privacy and identity, or how to control the so called information trace every user is leaving behind in the Internet environment.

Week of Science and Technology is the largest science festival in the Czech Republic. The 13th year will present the science in Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Pilsen, Ceske Budejovice, Olomouc, Pardubice, Hradec Králové, Zlín, Jihlava, Ústí nad Labem, Karlovy Vary, Liberec and many other places. The program offers over 400 events: presentations, exhibitions, excursions, science café, document films, possibility to visit science sites, laboratories, or libraries etc.

The CESNET Association was founded by Czech universities and the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in 1996. It is engaged in research and development in information and communication technologies and builds and develops the CESNET national e-infrastructure for research and education. With its research activities and accomplishments, CESNET represents the Czech Republic in international projects, most notably the pan-European GÉANT network building project and grid projects (EGI.eu), and participates actively in their implementation. Among other things, the association deals with the use of high-speed networks for sharing multimedia data both through synchronous video conferencing and shared applications and asynchronous streaming.

Press release, October 29 2013

Last change: 4.11.2013