CESNET has successfully completed the first phase of an international project 8KSVIP

Prague, 23 January 2017. CESNET association in cooperation with a partner AV MEDIA, a.s., has successfully completed the first phase of an international project 8KSVIP (8K Studio Over IP) supported by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports under the Eurostars Programme.

The project aims to create program blocks for FPGA circuits to be used for economic interconnection of network and video interfaces with a resolution of 8K (UHD-2).

The project will also contribute to the standardization in this field through appropriate institutions (VSF, SMPTE), it will create a functional prototype and demonstrate its use in a real situation. Results of the project will enable the creation of products for the 8K video in high picture quality and low delay codec implementations using JPEG 2000 and TICO.

The project proposal, which began in June 2016, was rated as the third best of the almost three hundred proposals evaluated at the given call of the Eurostars Programme. In 2016, CESNET participated in the requirements specification and system architecture design. A working meeting of the international project will take place on January 25, 2017 in Prague to discuss the next phase of the project.

The CESNET Association was founded by Czech universities and the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in 1996. It is engaged in research and development in information and communication technologies and builds and develops the CESNET national e-infrastructure for research and education. Thanks to its research activities and accomplishments, it represents the Czech Republic in important international projects, particularly in building the pan-European GÉANT network project or grid projects (EGI.eu), and actively participates in their implementation.

Last change: 14.11.2017