Artists From Six Parts of the World to Create a Multimedia Composition of the Future at a Single Moment

Prague, 24 May 2017 Prague, Linz, Barcelona, Rome, Mumbai and the Finish island of Hailuoto will be interconnected on Thursday, 1 June, at one moment within a multimedia show, part of the professional TNC17 conference. The technical aspects of the project will involve CESNET experts. Transfer from some of the localities will be implemented using unique transmission technologise developed by CESNET.

TNC is the largest and most prestigious event of the European research internet networks, each year hosting over 650 participants. This year it will be taking place from 25 May to 2 June in Austrian Linz, under the motto of The Art of Creative Networking. The planned event, named net:art / near in the distance 3 coordinated by ACOnet, will be the cutting-edge presentation of such creativity. It will illustrate how high-speed internet networks will in the close future transform various aspects of human life – in this case perception of the art creation processes.

The show will be a follow-up to last year’s project organised by CESNET as the host of the last year of the TNC conference. CESNET presented a remote organ concert in Prague. While the leading Czech organ player Jaroslav Tůma was playing in the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Brno, his colleague Jon M. Skogstad performed at a hall of the Faculty of Music of the Norway University for Science and Technology in Trondheim. Both organ players were interconnected by audio and video, playing in harmony in real time. The sound of both organs was transferred to the final ceremony within the conference. It was also possible to view the concert on the internet, where it was broadcast by Český rozhlas Brno.

This year’s event will be exceptional for its number of interconnected localities. There will be different artists, musicians and dancers, in each of them collectively creating the work of art. The starting point will be the Going Going Going record, created within the Tosca electronic project of the producer Richard Dorfmeister and musician and composer Rupert Huber. Their ambitious compositions will be complemented by artists from various parts of the world, including Prague, specifically from the premises of SAGElab, the network multimedia lab of the CESNET association, Faculty of Information Technologies and Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University, located in the premises of the Czech Technical University in Prague – Dejvice. The base will be played here by the leading German musician and composer, Hannes Strobl.

The net:art / near in the distance 3 show is an open follow-up to the similarly oriented projects near in the distance and near in the distance 2 from 2013 and 2015. Within these events, organisers have also utilised CESNET’s transmission technologies.

This year’s show will first be viewed by the conference participants from 7 pm, and will be accessible to the public from 8:30 pm. The composition will be represented on the internet at the following address:

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