Access Policy (AP) for the CESNET Large Infrastructure

As of 1st January 2017 this Access Policy is replaced by Terms and conditions for the access to the CESNET e-infrastructure.

Art. I. Introductory Provisions

The CESNET Large Infrastructure (LI) is a broad range of equipment, devices, resources as well as facilities used by research teams in their research work. It comprises communications, computational and storage components, complemented by an environment for collaboration. Its chief purpose is to provide conditions for efficient collaboration of large scientific teams: both people and experimental equipment with components located in different countries. The CESNET Large Infrastructure is connected to similar international infrastructures; it is a national component of European GÉANT and EGI infrastructures.

The CESNET Large Infrastructure is part of the Roadmap for Large Research, Development and Innovation Infrastructures in the Czech Republic, the development of which was approved by the Government of the Czech Republic in its Resolution No. 207 of 15 March 2010. It is a non-public infrastructure operated in compliance with Act No. 127/2005 Coll. on Electronic Communications, also amending related acts, as amended.

Art. II. LI Parties

The CESNET Large Infrastructure may connect organizations in the Czech Republic dealing with

  • science, research, development, including practical application of their results,
  • experimental development or innovation in industry and other fields,
  • propagation of erudition, culture and prosperity.

In addition to the above organizations, selected public administration organizations may be granted access. Other organizations may only be granted access for their scientific, research or innovation projects. In that case, the organization shall ensure that the CESNET Large Infrastructure is only utilized in connection with that activity.

A party to the CESNET Large Infrastructure gains access to all the above listed advanced resources, including interconnection with similar networks abroad. Parties to the CESNET Large Infrastructure acknowledge that some of the services have an experimental character for a limited time and agree that the Association may accept measures (technical or contractual) adjusting the character of network utilisation.

Art. III. Final Provisions

  1. The Association provides telecommunications services based on Certificate No. 366, issued pursuant to Section 14, Para. 1 of Act No. 127/2005 Coll. on Electronic Communications, also amending related acts, as amended. The services are not provided as publicly accessible.
  2. There is no legal title to access to the CESNET Large Infrastructure, and decisions by the CESNET Association on access to it are final.
  3. This Policy, including annexes hereto, enters into force on the day of signing by the Association Director, and enters into effect as of 15 November 2011.

Prague, 14 November 2011

Ing. Jan Gruntorád, CSc.

Annex No. 1
Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) of the CESNET Large Infrastructure

Obligations of Parties to the CESNET Large Infrastructure

  1. Parties are not permitted to use the e-infrastructure for activities that:
    • allow or attempt to gain unauthorized access to the e-infrastructure resources;
    • violate intellectual property rights;
    • have an adverse effect on the operation of the e-infrastructure or its constituent facilities, prevent other users from accessing such facilities, threaten the operation of the e-infrastructure, or excessively reduce its performance;
    • are a waste of the e-infrastructure capacity;
    • destroy the integrity of information stored in the computers, storage facilities, network elements and other devices of the e-infrastructure;
    • restrict the privacy of users.
  2. Parties pledge not to disclose any sensitive information about the e-infrastructure design or parts thereof to any third parties without the consent of the Association/connection provider, or to use such information without the consent of the Association.
  3. In order for additional entities to utilize the infrastructure, a Party has to request approval from the Association/connection provider by making a proposal to amend the access or utilization agreement.
  4. Parties pledge to not permit anyone to utilize the e-infrastructure for purposes violating the access or utilization agreement from devices in their sphere of activity (owned, rented, borrowed, operated, etc. by them), even if out of neglect.

Rights of the Association/connection provider:

The Association/connection provider may restrict/suspend a party’s access to the infrastructure if the party has violated its above-listed obligations.

Last change: 8.3.2017