Basic information about the CESNET association

Name and domicile

Name: CESNET, association of legal entities

Domicile: Zikova 4, 160 00 Praha 6, the Czech Republic

CESNET, a. l. e. is registered in the association registry by the Municipal Court of Prague with file label L 58848.


Activities of the association are focused on:

  1. Research and development in the information and communication field and its application.
  2. Ensuring the development and operation of computer network for the association members and their controlled semi-budgetary organizations enabling to interconnect their networks and metropolitan networks, to stablish commonly used technical, communication and programmatic means, to evaluate novelty applications, to collaborate and to complement their activities on the level comparable with state-of-the-art foreign academic and research networks (including the Internet access).
  3. In collaboration wit its members, ensure a long-term development, adoption and usage of high-quality communication and information technology base on the Internet network and similar later systems.
  4. Support dissemination of education, culture and knowledge, develop collaboration between members and business, extend applications of the most modern information technology and improve the network operation by gaining more participants, information resources and services.


Besides the non-business activities mentioned above, the association has business activities in following areas:

  • software provisioning
  • data processing
  • purchase and selling of goods
  • provisioning of data and telecommunication services.

Last change: 4.11.2015