Basic information about the CESNET association

Name and domicile

Name: CESNET, association of legal entities

Domicile: Gen. Piky 26, 160 00 Prague 6, Czech Republic

CESNET, a. l. e. is registered in the association registry by the Municipal Court of Prague with file label L 58848.

Goals of the Association

  1. To perform independently a fundamental, industrial research and experimental development in the field of information and communication technologies and their applications and to disseminate the results of these activities through all available means, including the transfer of technologies.

  2. To build, to develop and, in a long-lasting manner, to administer the CESNET research infrastructure and to support the development, adoption and use of top communication and information technologies.

  3. To support, for the coverage of related costs, the dissemination of education, culture and knowledge, the co-operation of members with private/enterpreneurial sector, the spreading of applications of the most modern information technologies and improvements of the quality of the CESNET research infrastructure by acquiring new participants, information resources and services.

Main activity

The subject matter of our main activity is especially:

  1. To perform independent research and development activities in the field of information and communication technologies and to provide research services in this field.

  2. To support education in the field of information and communication technologies.

  3. To transpose the results of our own research and development into praxis through internal technologies transfer.

  4. To perform the following activities to the benefit of our members, and organizations founded by them, as well as to the benefit of other subjects:

    1. The development and administration of the national communication and information infrastructures, allowing the connection of their infrastructures, accessing the CESNET infrastructure and linking to similar external infrastructures (including access to the the Internet network).

    2. The creation of jointly used technical, communication and program instruments and information services.

    3. The verification of new applications, the co-operation and the complementarity of activities of members on a level comparable to leading foreign academic and research infrastructures.

We perform and ensure the subject matter of our activity to the extent of obtained dotations and partial coverage of costs related to these activities. We do not conduct activities to obtain gain.

Complementary activity

Next to the main activity, we perform as well the complementary activity, but this only for the purpose of a more effective use of properties and only in such a manner that the satisfaction of aforementionedgoals is not in jeopardy.

We perform the complementary activity, which supports the transfer of the research results into praxis, and this especially in the following fields:

  • other voice services,
  • leased line service,
  • data transfer service,
  • Internet access service,
  • consultation, advisory and education activity in the field of telecommunications and information technologies,
  • purchase of goods for their further sale and sale.

Last change: 2.5.2023