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UltraGrid for Malaysia

The Malaysian telecommunication company Telecom Malaysia Research & Development has expressed an interest in the UltraGrid technology, which enables low-latency video transmission over the Internet at …

30. 1. 2015

Heart operation live

We ensured a live stream of heart operation for the online television channel Kardio.tv on 23 January. On-line broadcast named View Inside Cardiac Vessels was transmitted …

27. 1. 2015

First European patent

European Patent Office (EPO) issued patent deed EP2227911 (A2) for a Device for Multicast of Optical Signals in the Internet and Other Networks developed by CESNET. …

14. 1. 2015

Third US patent

We received a US patent for a Connection for the fast analysis of packet headers transferred via data bus. The patented solution enables to improve …

12. 1. 2015

CineGrid workshop demo

CESNET together with Czech Television and Universal Production Partners (UPP) have presented a new concept of a system for controlling and broadcasting live programming from …

24. 12. 2014

Honorary Mention Award in 2014 Innovation Prize

The CESNET national e-infrastructure, which is operated and developed by our association, has received a honorary mention award in this year’s Innovation Prize contest. Read …

9. 12. 2014

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